Mounting Instructions

All Boats are different, with different kinds of crossmembers. Be careful. Some boats are open under the deck and you will see the crossmembers. Some have undersheeting and you will not see the crossmembers. Access holes are needed to bolt the unit in place.

Plank housing should be mounted on first crossmembers back from outer rail. Only 6 holes are needed to mount the unit. Use a 5/16 or 21/64 drill.

Under the boat, located the centerline of the crossmember on the boat and mark the ones needed, front and rear. The plank housing is 60" long. Rear mounting bracket should be on a crossmember in that area. Make sure you are on the centerline.

If you have help, hold the entire unit up. One person in the front and one in the rear. Use vice-grips on front mount and drill holes. Make sure you are still on the centerline. Use vice grips at other spots if possible. Mount the rear bracket (loose) on the crossmembers at rear. Drill and bolt.

Install the stop angle clip 1 crossmember back from the end of the plank. This is so you can move the plank back far enough to hook the wench tie down on the front to the boat.

If the boat has undersheeting, located the crossmembers. Look from the sides and located the centerlines. Access holes are needed to bolt the unit in place. You can also use the loose mounting bracket to use as a drill jig.

If there are any problems, please don't hesitate to call. 951-785-4191.